Hello a pleasant good day to each of you,,I need some advice regarding to my work I am only 1month in my work now  since my visa tranfered,,but I feel I'm not happy to  my job what I work to do and also I'm not happy with my workmate how to cooperate to me,, also there some policy of company  im not agree, ,I planning to resign and look for other opportunities,, I have 3months probationary written in my contract ,,can I resign and leave to my work without paying any penalties for not continue my contract

sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, there are chances your company may ask for the expenses since your in the probation period.


You main to say sir,, they can charge me a penalty if i will resign with the probationary period?,,
Sir can u please explain for me this contract  written in my contract,, if I possible to resign without paying any penalties,,because I want to resign I'm not happy to work with them also I'm not happy with my salary,,I'm planing to move to other country someone offering a opportunity to me in other country...

7 Termination
7.1 the first tree months will be your probationary period. During this probationary periods your performance and suitable will be monitor.

7.2 the employer may terminate this contract on giving you a 1day period notice in writing to expire at anytime during your probationary period.

7.3 the employer may give you 1 month notice of termination this contract. You will be required to give the employer the same period notice.

This is the aggrement written in my contract sir ,,is possible to resign without paying any charges or penalty,,because its big problems to me if I need to pay if I will resign because I don't have save money from the start I work here Bahrain because of less salary...
Please give me advice about this matter sir.

This is from LMRA


Thats from my contract  sir it was writen of my offer letter.

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