CPR Address Change

Hello Guys,
I'm Mechanical engineer employed by Ministry of Education at Technical Institute Busaiteen. I'm living in Manama with EWA on my name.
I have to change address in CPR for which i surfed government website for getting Appointment but couldn't find.
Question 1: Do i need to get it done by Agents or shall i directly visit CPR office ?
Please  provide procedure.

ok, lemme know

any luck with changing the address?

I got my address changed  :top:
i visited CPR office at Seef Mall Muharraq, the receptionist told me two points:
1: address update is not done at Muharraq CPR office but it is done at ISA Town CPR office
2: you ( the individual) can not directly go and get ths chip updated but he must consult CPR Agent for this work.
so it was now clear ...
I searched for CPR agents they asked me 20 BD, some asked 15 BD, lastly i met an agent who agreed in 6 BD  :D ...
he took my CPR (original), passport (original), EWA bill copy and took 7 days for this work !

Dear qrizwani, thanks for the update.

HI QRizwani,

Can you please help with the details of the agent.


Plz give agent details

contact ***

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Hello.. please may I have the CPR agent number?

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