New To Canada

Hi, I have recently moved to Canada from the UK with my Canadian husband. just looking to orientate myself and perhaps find new friends as I don't know anyone other than extended family. I am a primary school teacher ... or was until I moved here. Currently taking a break until spring when I am hoping to start working again in the same field. Would also like to find out about events in the local area, particularly leading up to Christmas.

Hi *waves*
I'm a substitute teacher (or supply as we say 😁) moving to Canada from London. Where Abouts are you moving to?

Hello, I am living in Edmonton, Alberta. Where are you thinking of settling?

We're going to be living in Belleville Ontario (hopefully) so I guess meeting for a coffee is out of the question 😏

Haha, yeah, a little out of the way :D

Hi Kimvick and welcome,

I can suggest, you can start looking at the Edmonton Expat community, and communicate with the one who are living in Edmonton.

I am also suggesting you to check the Meetups groups. It’s about people getting together and creating communities based around ideas and activities that matter to them.
For the city of Edmonton I can see through the website of Meetup those ones that maybe you would be interested to join:

The "Edmonton Book Club & Social Group" :

They will be meeting this Saturday Dec 9th, at Earl's on Campus (I guess in University of Alberta), from 2 to 4 pm and they will discuss "The Book That Matters Most" by Ann Hood.

There is also the “ShowUpAndPlay”:

and “Edmonton Active and Leisure Group”: … ive-group/

There are others, all depends on your hobbies and preferences.

Don’t hesitate to tell us how was it once you join any of them.


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