Russian language course in Casablanca

Hi there,
I'm Moroccan and currently living in Casablanca.
I'm interested in learning basic notions of Russian in order to be able to communicate with Russian tourists as I do work in the hospitality industry.
I've done an internet search trying to find a suitable language center in Casablanca. Unfortunately, there not many and the few ones I found usually offer 3 hours per week, which is not enough for me given that I am looking for an intensive russian language course.
Does anyone know a language center offering intensive russian courses for beginners?
In advance, thank you very much for your help.
PS: I started contacting russian expat in Morocco. Unfortunately, my private messaging got blocked thinking I was sending spams.

Hello.  Im russian.  We have the groupe in FB
,, русскоязычные в Марокко,, 
You can try ask there.

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