Rumor Control: Organic Law of Human Mobility

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (MREMH) warns that in recent days have been disseminated through social networks incorrect information on visas and medical insurance, in relation to the regulation of the Organic Law of Human Mobility.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (MREMH) will offer official information on this case only through its website

This Chancery requests not to attend or reproduce rumors through social networks … s-medicos/

(Comments deleted by poster because the ministry does not want further discussion of the matter and possible misinformation on "social networks.")

There has been certain gringos in the Vilcabamba area and here on the coast (Salinas to Olon) ...who have been actively disseminating incorrect information.  The individual in Vilca has gone so far as to intimate that those without proper documentation will be removed from buses, arrested and deported.  To be clear: that is NOT going to happen.  This is fearmongering for the purpose of profit.

Both of the gringos who have been involved in this are individuals who are also selling Young Living products and both have been coordinating the sale of insurance through a private health company, Bellgenica.

Based on these actions, which to my mind are nefarious and self serving for the purpose of profit, I would myself eschew working wth this group and their preferred health insurance company.

This is very helpful.  Thank you so much Susan.

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