Al-Qarawiyyin University and library in Fes

I'm moving to Morocco next summer and one the biggest items on my bucket list is to study at al-Qarawiyyin university after I adapt to the country. However I couldn't find a lot of information about enrolling at the university.

how much is the tuition fee?
is it open for female?
what are the requirements to study?
can I attend lectures even if i'm not a student?
can I access the library and manuscript even if i'm not a student?
is photography allowed in the university?

I checked the official website but I wasn't able to find answers to my questions. Any help from friends in Fes would be very much appreciated. Thank you  :)

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salam o alaikum

I remember going last year with my uni friends, and we spent a day in fez, but we made sure we went to the university.

If I'm not mistaken, the university is basically a mosque; it's a beautiful mosque, we prayed asr there, and the library is near.

From what I remember, the tour guide said the course was 12 years long, and they had students from at least 12 different countries studying there.

Other than that, I don't really know much.

Since I'm graduating this year, I hope to spend a year or two in Morocco, towards the end of this year. I'm also keen on knowing more about the university, one of the oldest, if not the oldest.

I think the chances of them accepting females is low, but Allah Alam, you never know.

If you haven't found out more info on it yet, I'll definitely have more info on it by the end of this year inshalah, may even create a small movie.


Hello I am from Rabat and study at Mohammed V University. I can ask my friends and tell you

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