Walking across border to An Ysidro,California.tomorrow

I flew in less than 6 months ago and understand the tourist card charge was included in the flight cost,but I still hafta surrender it before I leave.Where can I do that at the pedestrian entrance between Tijuana-San Ysidro, California? Thanks!!

You must go to a mexican INM office at the border crossing. It's the same as if you came in by land.

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you Should be able to walk into the U.S., clear customs, and the walk around the corner to the Mexican entry point and turn in the visa.

Hi, I am not an expert but my understanding is that your visa must be turned in when leaving not entering but I might be wrong.

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You are expected to turn it in. If you don't and fly back in, you will be given another on the plane  as far as Mexico is concerned you are being suspicious when you fly in and out like you describe.  Just turn it in, you just get another when you return and your  time  starts over, Plus you will pay for it with the flight ticket, so there is no real advantage to trying to keeping it that I can see.

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