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I was wondering how much a new good size portable washing machines are on n the dr??? The double wash and spin...and what about a regular washing machine line in the states ,,how much would costs??? Bavaro  area

A typical  Dominican machine - starts about 8,000RD and up.  it sold based on capacity. Don't bother with a small one. You will do laundry for the rest of your life. A large capacity will run you about  16,000RD

An automatic machine will run you about  18,000 to  32,000RD depending on  brand and capacity.

I just bought one - Frigidaire 33 pound capacity and paid 21,000RD for it.

DO not buy one that is fully digital. You will go crazy trying to get it fixed. Old fashioned knobs we can get fixed here.

Thank you ,,great information ...

You are so right about increased technology leads to in ability to get things repaired.  The simpler the better.

Bob K

Hahaha...still love telling my washing machine saga...good times...but, we love our old school Whirlpool...not a fan of hose and spinner type...but, totally get why they are so common...

I remember first time i saw one in use here. Brought back memories of my mother using one!

They certainly do the job AND you can easily carry one while on the back of a motoconcho!   :D  :D  :D

I remember when we first moved here 12 year ago it was my wife's birthday a week later.  So when I came back from the store with a new Dominican portable washer I wished her a happy birthday....still not out of the dog house for that one :D  :D  :D

Bob K

I can imagine!!!! hahahahaha


Your posts are very helpful. I relocated at Dominican Republic for about a year and arrived a few days ago. I would like to know where you purchased the frigidaire wash machine and if you know of a place where I can purchase a TV at a reasonable price.

Good morning and welcome to the forums. I have no idea where in Rio dan Juan. I purchased washing machine at Corripio in Puerto Plata.

Tv -  literally best price is here in Santo Domingo. Close to you, sorry no idea.

Thank you! I will visit corripio in puerto plata!!! And look for TV in Santo Domingo 😊

Be sure to take in cosideraton the time, expense & wear & tear in getting there & the return. You might not be saving much at all if any. have to consider the repair etc. problems associated with long distance purchaces.  Buying locally, or close be might prove to be the best deal of all.  Welcome & good luck on your searches. Let us know how you make out.  Thanks.

Thank you! I didn't consider all that.. very useful information. Thanks again

Good points.  Corripio has stores all over so you should be fine in that regard.  Price tv's there too.

Yes it will be worth the drive to PP and Corpio.  You may also find a good deal at La Sirena while you are in PP.
Also look at Lunares (la)rge hardware store in CAbarete as you drive through) they have a washers and TVs at competitive prices and you will get a 10% discount (you have to ask for it) if you pay cash.
Bob K

Do not buy any appliances or electronics at la sirena regardless of price. They will NOT stand behind their products!

Thank you Bob!!
I will definitely stop by cabarete first and check out the store! It's quite close to Río San Juan.. your advice was very helpful also. I'm glad I found this site! 😊

You are welcome.  We have bought many appliances from Lunares especially when we were outfitting our condo in Cabarete.  We still send clients there.

You might also check out Popeterria (another large hardware and houseware store) in Sosua.  It is on the left side of the road as you are  driving into Sosua before your reach town.  Big two story building.  We have bought lots of stuff there including furniture, and a stove and refrig.  They will stand behind there products as well.  One of the owners (Alexandria) is always there and speaks perfect English.  She is interested in helping Expats get what they need.

Bob K

Great info Bob

Also check out Inoa y Reyes between Rio San Juan and Cabarete we've seen better Deals there than at Corripio and la sirenas...And It's closet AND they deliver...

LOL...closer...this time is was autocorrect

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