Western doctor

Hello everybody. I am an Italian doctor and I am thinking about a short period of working abroad as a doctor (I am a specialist).
I would like to know if there is somebody is who's experienced this and if he/she may give me some advice.
Agency would provide me with accomodation in a compound I think but I am concerned about some issue, like safety ( I am a woman).
Thank you in advance.

if your coming to Saudi their will be no concern, their is lot of Safety precaution measure in Saudi Arabia for women

it is safer now than before and you are in a compound that's mean you will have a security in the gate .

Thank you for your replies.
Are in the forum some Doctors working for King Faisal Specialist  Research center?

if you need  transportation connect me ,i am from Pakistan and working  in company i free before,8 clock and after 5.pm.

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