Please help !! - BSM vs Kings - British schools in Manila...

Hi all,

We are moving to Manila in January18 and have two boys, aged 7 and 4.  Very excited!
We are looking for British Curriculum schools for them. 

I've seen and had lots of recommendations for BSM, but they have no space for my youngest.  The Kings School Manila have space for them both (potentially) but I don't know anything about them except what I've read on their website.  Seems amazing, but websites are websites.

Is Kings a great school?  Anyone share any wisdom on the differences between these schools?
Anyone hear anything bad about Kings?
All schools have their pluses and minuses so I'm just intrigued what peoples experiences have been so I can be prepared.

Hoping we can come out to visit it soon, but would love your opinions in the meantime?


What part of Manila? It can take 5 hours to commute from one side of Manila to the other.


We haven't decided on accommodation yet, we will be in a temporary condo in the fort area for the first fews months.  Then look to rent a house somewhere closer to which ever school we choose.  Das Marinas maybe if we go with Kings?  would that be feasible?

My husband will be working in BCG, so originally we had thought the BSM would minimise commuting but as they don't seem to have space for both children this is not necessarily going to work.

I've started research accommodation areas like Forbes (too expensive) Das Marinas, Urbaneta etc.  Haven't ventured further out due to the commute time to BCG... if there is somewhere else you would recommend please let me know!

So grateful for any advice.


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