Permit to import a boat

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I have received permission from the Tourism Authority to import my boat (via returning mauritian scheme) and now require the import permit itself. Is there anyone who can assist as I have been told it takes up to three weeks and I only have 7 days.


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I came across this link which might be of help to you: … de_client=

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Actually - apologies, I don't think this would be useful to you.

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Are you sure boats are indexed under the Returning Citizen scheme which include mostly motorcycles and cars/motor cars?

I would suggest you contact Tourism Authority again and also the Mauritius Revenue Authority regarding duties on pleasure crafts.

Regarding the 3 weeks, I fear not much can be done about it if they say 3 weeks.
But then again, no loss in trying to negotiate.

Thanks Winston

Yes there are some fees to be paid, but a slightly different process apparently.

Permit from tourism only required
Returning resident does not apply
Vat payable
You can contact us for details


You need a No Objection letter from Ministry of Tourism then contact Tourism Authority and explain your case, they will need to survey the boat. Also a letter from MRA making the boat duty free will be required.
hope this helps

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