Help please re: Sidra contract

Hi everyone, 

I have been offered a post at Sidra but on the contract underneath " hours " there is no mention of hours per week. I contracted Recruitment at Sidra and she emailed me that i will be expected to work 40 hours. The agency then told me if this was in an email then this has to be taken as a contract.

But....  My friend works in the middle east and she said this doesnt sound right.

Should i only sign the contract if the number of hours is printed on the contract.

I really need help.


This is an interesting question as it would appear I am also in the same boat. My contract has not specifically stipulated working hours - so I would be grateful to have others knowledge or experience on the subject.

Although I have been informed that the normal workings hours are 7.30-3.30, Sunday to Thursday - not sure about the lunch time entitlement.

Please keep me informed.

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thanks for shedding more light on this subject - will surely inbox you for some additional info.

Try google reviews on Sidra, looks like a number of expats were not happy. One of the reviewers suggested getting a lawyer before signing the contract.

Good move on enquiring before you commit

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