Traffic in Singapore

Hello everyone,

Which city or area do you live in in Singapore, and how do you find the traffic?

How long does it take to commute to work or run errands?

Is there a rush hour in your city? What times of the day would you recommend people to avoid driving if they can?

Are there any ways to avoid spending too much time in traffic in Singapore?

What is parking availability and cost like?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Singapore traffic is dense, but does by far not reach the nightmarish extensions of other Asian metropolises.
The cause of this difference is a well-designed policy to keep the number of cars low: Nowhere else in this world is having a vehicle as expensive. You need at least S$100000 to start - and for that you only get a small Japanese car, which you have to scrap after 10 years. Unless you have thousands to burn every month, don't even think about a Mercedes!
At the same time, public transport is cheap and efficient, taxis affordable and widely available. There is no need to have a car, except as a status symbol if you're thus inclined. Most people are not and that is good.

@ Beppi:
I think you dropped a zero in your car price.

@ Priscilla:
Depending on your income, lifestyle and work requirements a car in Singapore is certainly more than a status symbol.
Try doing the weekly grocery shopping for a family of 4 on a Saturday taking taxis or buses and MRT. It can be done but you will soon be longing for the time saved by having your own car.

While Singapore traffic is no where near as bad as say Bangkok, Manila or Jakarta; rush hours and Saturday/Sunday busy periods will see delays of 2-4 times compared to non-busy periods. It pays to take note of school holidays as the traffic delays can reduce significantly.

There are times when it is better to take the MRT if you have a station close by and your destination is close to a station. Other times a car is the best option. A car is more than a luxury, it can buy you precious free time that would otherwise be eaten up by waiting for taxis and buses.

Parking prices vary greatly. Public street, lot and HDB parking from Dec 1 will be 60c or $1.20 per half hour.

Privatly run parking such as shopping centres and private lots vary greatly as do their pricing schemes. 4 hours could be anywhere from $4 to $40 depending on where and when. A google search on Singapore parking rates will give all the info you need and there a re a couple apps out there with rates and useful real-time parking spot availability.

Hope this of some help


just use public train or bus or uber and grab in singapore. avoid office peak hour if can. but not too bad

Canman53 :

@ Beppi:
I think you dropped a zero in your car price.

Yes, indeed, I dropped a Zero - the minimum car price is S$100000, not S$10000!
Thanks for spotting this - my post above is corrected now.

Canman53 :

Try doing the weekly grocery shopping for a family of 4 on a Saturday taking taxis or buses and MRT.

Due to the tropical weather (which spoils everything quickly) and the general lack of living (and storing) space, people tend to buy smaller amounts daily. The weekly shopping trip for grocery, daily necessities etc. you refer to is NOT part of the local way of life. Thus most Singaporeans don’t need a car for that reason. (And you pay for your unusual lifestyle choices if you do.)

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