Traffic in Hungary

Hello everyone,

Which city or area do you live in in Hungary, and how do you find the traffic?

How long does it take to commute to work or run errands?

Is there a rush hour in your city? What times of the day would you recommend people to avoid driving if they can?

Are there any ways to avoid spending too much time in traffic in Hungary?

What is parking availability and cost like?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


We don't go out between about 16h and 19h as it's a blocked up around here (Budakeszi).  But it's relative.  A queue of 20 cars is a major jam. Hereabouts, it's usually caused by pointless and ill timed traffic lights.  Needs more roundabouts.

Look up Budapest webcams.  You can see many motorways and roads on there.

Try here to start: Webcams in Hungary

Seems in many areas of the city it is rush hour all day long.
I can often walk faster to the market then hassling driving over and finding parking.
I used to drive all around lake Velence but no way do I wish to even try in Budapest. My nerves would be shot in a block.
We enjoy having the freedom of a car but we hardly even use it winter time.
It's safer and faster to use our feet or public transportation.
The air quality gets so bad in the winter with some people burning whatever and the clouds keeping the smog around.
I honestly do not even know why we have not moved from the city yet.
I think it is very unhealthy to be in the city with so many cars and smog.
Unless you need to be close to school or a job city life is very unhealthy and  stressful.
I do wish they would limit the amount of traffic on the roads and open up more bike lanes in the st. so the sidewalks were clear for walkers.
Maybe they should think about putting back some of the old tram lines that used to run all over every major blvd.

My commute ???

15 yards if I go the long way 😂

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