Vietnam's TESOL hour requirements (120 or 160)


Would anyone that is teaching in Vietnam or has a high amount of information regarding TESOL certificates. I want to know whether Vietnam's TESOL requirement is 120hr or 160hr.

Thanks in advance.

P.s. If anyone also know any information about whether nationally accredited qualification certificates are accepted and can be used in Vietnam for hospitality jobs. I have undertaken a hospitality course in Australia but would like to know whether I can use it to also help myself find extra hospitality jobs such as working in Hotels.


120 is fine.

Unless you were at least at the level of Assistant Manager or chef of a western owned resort hotel, I can't imagine why any westerner (or Viet Kieu) would want to work in a hotel in Vietnam.  There may be other ways, but the most likely way to do that would likely be as a management trainee of a major chain.

I am back in Australia after being in Vietnam for over 4months. I am planning to take up TESOL course and a hospitality course that I would like to use in 2019 when I will head to Vietnam again. I have already graduated my bachelors.

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