Insomnia, also known as sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder where people have trouble sleeping. They may have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep as long as desired.

I hate it, if you suffer how do you cope?

I suffer mild bouts of Insomnia and I am used to it now. I normally wake around 1am and then go back to sleep at 4am or a little later.

I normally get up and eat something and read or watch TV and wait to feel tired again and when I do I go back to sleep. The rest of the day is pretty rough as I normally have to be up by 6.30am or my son wakes me up at 6.30am but its almost routine now so I just get on with it.

I have learnt to suppress it not to sleep early but go to bed just as I feel I will nod off whilst on the sofa and that seems to help.

I do these,

Eat dinner before 8 PM
Stop using mobile 1  hour before sleep
Read books(fiction) when I am in bed

That's it. Try this if you aren't already, this would work if you haven't health issue to fall asleep

you must work out till your exhausted

Melatonin can help, too.

Lucky for me not a problem.  I only sleep about 5 hours a night but sleep like a rock during those 5 hours.

Bob K

I am much like Bob. Sleep short times but deep sleep. Sometimes only 2 to 3 hours and wake up early morning hours. I do not make a concerted effort to get back to sleep as doing this seems to make sleep even more elusive as you are forcing your body to do something it is not wanting to do.
I do like listening to talk back radio shows on low volume and that sometimes puts me to sleep.

MARC0000 :

you must work out till your exhausted

Give up the struggle. 

Most humans do not have to do this.


MARC0000 :

you must work out till your exhausted

I'm not one doing workouts, and I'm sure the wife would not like be banging around at exam.  :D

Stop drinking caffeine 3-4 hours before your bedtime. Drink some natural herbs. Some are known to help you be more relaxed. Put your phone away in a different room. Do not watch tv in your room. Do 15-20 minutes meditation. Try to disconnect your mind from the thoughts and struggles you have.

You have too much energy on your body in a day that you're not tired enough to sleep. Do exercise or sports like 1-2hrs, be exhausted, not just simple workouts. Wake up early like what you usually do 6.30, and don't sleep till it's actually time to sleep. So yeah, wake up early, have enough exercise, don't sleep in the afternoon. You'll feel tired enough to sleep at night. OHH and lessen your caffeine intake!

I am suffering from it since few years now. I've tried many things to get rid of it, exhausting myself too much, reading books before sleep, and many more things. But I just can't fall asleep. So I make good use of my time, I started to value my time much more since I can't sleep. Not so bad for me.

Try to reduce your caffeine intakes. Sometimes exhausting yourself too much doesn't help in falling asleep. On the contrary, your body becomes more alert. This also happen when you exercise too much before sleeping. Clear your mind and try to set a relaxing environment that would help you sleep. Less noise and no distractions (phones, social media, etc...).


If your mind is active when you want it to be at ease to support sleep, the answer for most is not two hours of exercise to the point of exhaustion.

It's also not meditation.  Transcendental meditators know that meditating close to bedtime is counterproductive for sleep.

If all else fails, some doctors can prescribe and manage sleep meds.

I improperly took benzos unsupervised for seven years (obtained overseas without a prescription), and when I hit a stressful patch, the benzos lost their sleep-aid effectiveness.  Eventually, I upped the dosage .. and wound up in a detox center in New England (one week), then a rehab center (outpatient two-months program).

Under a doctor's supervision starting in 2012, I was prescribed the proper sleep meds which I am still taking successfully to this day.  Every two months I have to get a special prescription from a doctor here in South America for a refill.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño, Colombia

work hard in day and party hard in night ,enough physical exercise , dont take stress, forget life ,just enjoy and live cool and comfortable

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