Migrate to Japan

Plan to migrate to Japan if possible in 5 years time. Here's my plan, I plan to study at a Japanese language school first then continue my degree in Japan. After having my degree will be finding full time in Japan.

Theses are the question below I would like to enquire:
1. What is the recommended language school would be the best for me (Intensive type as well as having some free time explore Japan)

2. How do I know whether the university is a good school for my future career employment as I had done some research that Japanese people are particular in choosing a school because a good school had the chance to be employ.

3. How years are the limit year to stay in Japan with visa and can I convert from student visa after studying in language school to other visa to study in Japan?

4. How much does an individual live in Japan need to spend and how much is the moving cost before travel to Japan?

I think so far these are the question I can think of.

There are good universities all over Japan, it all depends what you want to study. If your interest is in automotive engineering then Hamamatsu is good, Nagoya is goods for nano technology. I have many friends who attended university at Mishima.

I do not know the moving cost from Malaysia to Japan but why take much at all? All foreign students manage to study and many do part time work. You'll manage to support your self just fine.

Are you disillusioned with life in Malaysia?

One of my teenage sons is planning to go to Japan to study and live but not for a few years. I think your choice of country is excellent.

In Japan is famous for ? Technology? Haha.... I just want to live in a peaceful country....

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