Moving to GranCanaria

Hi , I’m Martin and am from the UK, will be moving to Gran Canaria within six months hopefully and lots of little questions to ask , I hope I can get the answers on here . ? For instance how far should I go back with bank accounts or documents to prove that I have lived here all my life (62 years ) to become a resident . ? I already have bought a property and have my NIE ! Am try to avoid dragging hundreds of unnecessary sheets of accounts with me to keep it to a minimum !
Many thanks if anyone can help .

Hello Martin and welcome to the forum

What makes you think that you need your lifetime documents?.

Just bring yourself and your passport for now. Put your proof of income and medical provision on a memory stick. You will not need your school reports or swimming certificates. :idontagree:

Haha , thanks for that , I just thought I had to prove where I’ve lived for the last ten years !

Hi Again,
Could you clarify what time scale we have to register a car brought from the UK to Gran Canaria is please , ive read that it’s 60 days ,then I’ve read it’s 6 months and that if it’s registered within that time no import duty will be due as a one off import. ?
        Martin .

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