Work probation period on turist visa

Hi everyone,
I'm going to work 3 months on turist visa to see how it goes down there if I agree to stay longer than will apply for working visa. Heard that is very popular way in Kuwait and if it's ok?

I wouldn't publicise the fact that you are working on a tourist visa. I don't even know if you will find a reputable employer who will employ you on a tourist visa.

That probably isn't much help

It is common but it is also illegal.

yep, its common (i did it) but like everyone said, it is illegal. they're cracking down on all forms of illegality, so should it be made clear that that is your current situation, you'd face fines.

doesnt mean dont do it, but it does mean that you are at the mercy of your employer in terms of payment, coz they can always refuse payment and there wouldnt be much u cna do about it, u follow? especially if you're allowed to enter kuwait without visa based on your passport.

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