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I am the Managing Director of Pembrokeshire Holiday Connections Limited and we are looking at exporting our business as a franchise to allow our customers in the uk to invest in private holiday lets in mauritius serviced by a supported local  outlet employing a local work force. It is at the early stages of development and id like views and information from anyone with an interest . We would be looking for a premisses to set up a small laundry office and store ,central to the country. id also like to partner a locally based estate agent our business model specifies local as far as is possible from products to services. i am also looking for feed back on wage levels and expectations if anyone has information or would like to get involved please contact me on paul[at] or call our offices on 01646 699264 in the uk

Hi, Can I clarify - when you say '' we are looking to expand our business... to allow our customers... to INVEST in private holiday lets in Mauritius...'' do you mean -
1. your customers will buy property in Mauritius that will be available for let through your company? and
2. Your customers ( having bought property) will have a franchise of your company which will manage those lets for which service you will take a % of the rental payment?

The idea is
Our company helps UK owners buy property (using local agents in Mauritius) then as a company we would let and service those properties on there behalf using the systems we have tried and tested here in the uk but in Mauritius now weather we  do this as a franchise or we set the infrastructure and then employ local expertise to run it is at this time part of the process .


Before venturing further, be advised that the property market for foreigners in Mauritius is quite restricted as foreigners can only buy apartments and units in select real estate programs - conditions apply in both cases.

the joy of this is its not restricted to foreign buyers the service is open to anyone with a private let. I know there are restrictions and will look further into that thank you for the heads up

Thanks for the clarification. There maybe a problem with foreign buyers renting through you because most of the better developments only allow rentals to be made through their own management company for which they take 50%.

this is aimed at individuals looking to invest and our % are much lower more 15-20%

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