Singapore S-Pass: Not all names on Bachelor Certificate

I'm currently running into trouble with my S-Pass approval from the MoM. My passport states all my three first names. My Bachelor Certifcate only has Firstname Lastname. Now the MoM asks my for an official document explaining the difference in names.
Already called my embassy (German) and they said they can't help me. Then called my university and they said they can only confirm what names I stated when I applied to the university. 
Did anyone else have this problem before and knows how to deal with it?

This should not be a problem once you can explain (or show proof) that the certificate and the passport are for the same person (you).

But how can I show proof that the passport and the certificate are the same person other than having the same name? Passport identifies me via name and photo. Certificate identifies me via name. The passport IS the proof.

I don't know what else to recommend you. If you don't manage to clear up their doubts, you might not get the chance to work in Singapore.

What I know, a person can be filed an affidavit in the court (at your home country) that your both names are same, then you can show the copy of the affidavit to German embassy here, in order to get embassy letter, then submit your documents at MoM. Hope this will work.

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