Competitive Swimming Lesson for Children

Hi.  Is there a sports school that teaches competitive swimming for 9 year old?  I'm looking for a qualified swimming instructor for my daughter.  She is a good swimmer but needs to improve in proper technics.  Prefer a swimming group but if you can only teach private, it is ok too but the lesson has to be at our pool in D7.  I plan to let my daughter compete in swimming competition if there is a chance.

Hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.


Hello Rozana,
Welcome to the forum :)

if you haven't yet found a trainer or school that teaches competitive swimming, here are a few leads for you.

- AIS sports club
(check their "Advance Swim Programme")
Although it belongs to Australian Intl School, it is open to students from all schools.

- ISHCMC AQUATICS (International School of HCMC)
(you need to check whether they allow children who are not ISHCMC students to join their training programme)

You may wish to get in touch with two of their master trainers and discuss where and how your daughter can train in competitive swimming. I'm sure they will give you some good leads.

- In Sky Garden (PMH) they have this YOFI Sports Center.
I see on their Facebook page they have an experienced Swimming Coach from Singapore.

Hope this info helps.
Cheers!  :cheers:

Hi.  They are very useful.  Thank you.  I will check on them especially the one in PMH.


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