Researching teaching abroad

My name is Laya, I am currently living in the UK with my husband and two young children.  We are both teachers, however it is only my husband initially looking for job as I would like to stay with my children  for an extra year before the eldest starts school. Or if I could find a position in an international a learning support assistant so my job allows me to have time children. My husband has a Physical education degree and a.masters in Sports Psychology but here in the UK he has been working as a Maths teacher as he had experience working as a tutor in Maths at the school and eventually went for the Maths teaching position. Would that be a problemember for.him applying for a Maths teaching position? I am.just worried as he has experience in Maths but his bachelors is in PE. We aren't sure which country best for us to move to. The factors we need to take into regard are if the country is safe and good for children, not expensive to live in and to also have a certain quality of life. We be able some money potentially. I was looking at the middle east and rents are ridiculously expensive. We looked at Thailand and China also. Any idea how.much housing allowance schools provide? Any advice would be great.

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