Expired Permit to Seek Job

Hey everyone!

My name is Sruthi and I currently reside in India. I am a Masters graduate from Milan. Before returning back to my country, I had applied for a permit to seek job and unfortunately could not be around for the Commissariato appointment due to personal reasons. After nearly 10 months of being outside, I wish to return back to Milan to avail the full use of my permit. After having spoken to the police officer in Milan, I was assured that a new date could be received if I can show valid proof of why I wasn't able to come back to the country on time.
With this knowledge and the original permit, I applied for a Re Entry visa. I got declined my nulla osta from the Questura and I'm pretty sure its because of my lack of not informing the authorities over it previously.

I know this is a tough one, but I would like some knowledge in this matter-

1) Is it possible for me to come under a tourist visa and re apply for the permit to seek job? Is there anyone I can meet

2) Is it possible for me to come under a tourist visa and find internships or potential employers willing to hire me and enrol me in the Flow Decree of March 2018? Is it legal for me to find an unpaid internship?

3) What if there is someone who is interested in having me as an intern? Can I ask for any sort of documentation from this employer?

3) Could I travel without any visa and just the original appointment slip and receipt?

Please help me out. I'd like to return by December

The answers to all of your questions is: No.   

Being outside of Italy for 10 months, it's quite clear why you were denied.  After 6 months of absence from Italy, you are considered to have abandoned your residence in Italy.  You will have to apply for a new visa of the correct category.

Thank you for your advice.


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