I am working as field executive at Jeddah for Dammam  based company for 2 year ( Salary 8,000/- , annual one month paid vacation with company vehicle with maintenance charge ) . Now company is asking to resign due to internal problem 

How much money , I can claim , considering
1) End service benefit
2) Second vacation is due but not consumed till now
3) Company is denying for due vehicle maintenance charges

Please calculate


shamsher Bahadur

1) End of Service Benefit will be two half Basic Salaries
2) Vocation pay one month basic salary for one yr ( If contract is of one yr) or two yr (as per you contract).

http://www.laboreducation.gov.sa/en/con … d-cal-5823

this is Ministry of labor website,

calculate exactly ur final settlements

you can refer to Saudi Labor Law

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