Can marriage between an egyptian woman and a Somalian work in Cairo?

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I used to live in Cairo between 2000-2004 and worked in one of the first internet cafes to be opened in Cairo at that time, so I know about Cairo a bit. During that time, I loved the country, Cairo was a lovely place, and the Egyptians were very hospitable, social and friendly. I had some minor issues at times but dealt with it accordingly, so I prefer not to dwell on these.

My point is; during my time in Cairo, I have met and made friends with a friendly and beautiful Egyptian woman who happen to have lost contact with me after I left Cairo to go back to home. Therefore, I happen to have those memories of her, and I believe they have inspired me to want to marry an Egyptian woman.

So as someone who is originally from Somalia and have been living in the UK for more than a decade to wish to marry an Egyptian woman how does that work in Cairo?

I know there is a lot of things to consider before being married to someone outside your kin and country because it is outside of everyone's comfort zone. But how can a relationship like the one I mentioned can survive? Do Egyptians woman welcome marriage outside their country?

I just want honest opinions. I can not use my life experience in Cairo in practical as I was young and under 20 years old at that time.

I would like to know how things like color and culture can discourage or encourage marriages like this in real life.


Hey Whats up bro,
Yeah defintley an Egyptian and a Somali can work and as an Egyptian myself i have seeked at woman from different countries outside of North Africa, East africa being one of them (love somalis ;)

A marriage can work between an Egyptian and a Somali, in Egypt, the number one important thing is it to be a same faith kinda marriage, muslim with muslim, christian with christian. oh and of course the love must be mutual haha but its all good yeah dont worry , Egypt and Somalia are quite close in terms of teachings and morales and the 2 African countries have always had eachothers back with alot of DNA and ethnic traits being shared among the two.

But yeah bro i mean i live in the UK as an Egyptian and so ive seen people with different cultures be together, As with every family-tight teached country like egypt,somalia,algeria and what not, the family may prefer for her to marry an Egyptian because keeping DNA pharonic and strictly egyptian but that doesnt really matter if your a nice guy and show her and her family that thats the case.

And sorry for any problems you've had in Egypt! Some people can be quite backwords and forget their roots and origins in Egypt.

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