Suasana loft vs suasana bukit cyleon

Need some consideration points, reviews and conparision points between suasana sentral loft and suasana bukit cyelon for couple +kid 1 year stay.


Suasana Loft would probably suit an Indian family better as it is located in the main Indian enclave (Brickfields). Suausana BC is newer but does not have a very convenient location for accessing facilities. Also there is just about to be some major building works across the road in Bukit Ceylon location I seem to recall.

Agree. Suasana Sentral Loft is located right beside Sentral Station and easy access to Mid Valley Megamall and Bangsar. The apartments are alright, and they have a lot of facilities. This area is a lot more congested and quite noisy and I would be concerned about the direction the apartment is facing because there are several office blocks both in front and behind it. As Gravitas says, the area is at the edge of Brickfields so many Indian stores, restaurants and temple are just across the road.

Suasana Bukit Ceylon is walking distance to both Bukit Bintang as well as to Little India where there are also many indian stores and restaurants and christian churches. The area is quieter yet still downtown and the condo is new. It would be very convenient if you are working centrally. As a non-Indian expat, this would be my choice.

Your question is a little bit strange because the best strategy is to look for accommodation within easy commuting distance to your work place and either of the Suasana's would depend on that. There are so many condos to choose from and the Suasanas are higher cost than many others because they trade on their name.

Hi Gravitas,
Thanks for your response.  As i m still in my home country my options are result of google and  youtube search.

My work place is close  to chow lim sim MRT station.

I have a family friend who stays in suasana loft hence this is part of my consideration set wheras I like the suasana bukit ceylon based on the videos.  I also saw sentral residecy but hear that it is more expesive. What do you say?

My preference is a new property with contemory interiors and should be FF.

Appreciate if you can suggest some apartment /condominum names which are in KL Sental.

Appreciate your response.


Don't know a chow lim sim MRT station

There are only really three condos in KL Sentral, all built by the  same developer MRCB.

The oldest is Suasana Sentral which comprises two blocks, mostly inhabited by Indians, but with very limited views.

The next one built was Suasana Sentral Loft which is I always felt was not as nice as Suasana Sentral and is also surrounded by tall office buildings as well as Suasana Sentral. These buildings are really close together.

Sentral Residences was built by MRCB and Quill. Quill have built many very modern stylish buildings in the past, and this is the most high class out of the three and also the most expensive. It has the best views of the KL Skyline, fantastic facilities and a private lift that opens directly onto your apartment. What is good is that there is a covered walkway from Sentral Reisdences all the way to Sentral Station.

As you say, the rents will be the most expensive, but the quality of the finishing is top. The smallest units are 1087 sq ft and have two bedrooms, washing machine and drier, large fridge-freezer, full size dishwasher and the finishing is all done with beautiful natural stone. Since the building has just recently been completed you may be able to get a bargain as there is an oversupply of units available fro rent.

The rents at Suasana Sentral and Suasana Sentral Loft will be much cheaper than Sentral Residences where rentals usually start around RM4000 upwards.

But there is a another option, perhaps you can consider living in Bangsar South, which is only a couple of train stops away. There is a new condominium with a shopping mall downstairs called KL Gateway and the rents start at around RM3,000 for a two bedroom 900 sq ft sized apartment. This mall and apartments has also just completed so bargains on the rent may be possible too. The facitilies here are good too, but the views not so impressive.

The Suasanas at Sentral/Brickfields are already about 10 years old. Latest is The Sentral Residences @ KL Sentral - … residences

You maybe should be aware that Sentral is not the main area in KL - that is KLCC (KL City Centre)

You may also want to look at Bangsar, but having own transport can be an issue in that location. Depending on your work location I will also suggest an extremely popular location with incoming Indian families and that is Seputeh, including Saville Residences.

Loft and sentral residency are better options. There are too maby hang out areas near bukit ceylon which makes nights noisy.

Loft is relatively cheaper and well designed.

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