Entering KSA on re entry visa after changing second name on passport

I lived in Saudi Arabia all my life , my father is working in ksa . Last year i went to Pakistan for studies with re entry visa , I had some problems in name on academic documents which was different than from my National identity card , so I changed it first in ID card , then my passport had only six months left so I renewed it , but as the name in Id card was different , thus it was also needed to change it in passport .

name changed from Nabil to Nabil Karim in passport
father name Gul Karim

Now my questions are :

1)   I have different second name in new passport , have valid re entry visa , the visa have old name so can I go back to ksa ?

2 ) If I dont go back , I heard head of family can apply for final exit for dependent even when depended ( me ) is outside ksa . Is this possible ?

3) If I just dont go back and violate re entry visa , Will I be fined and banned for three years ( I am dependednt , dont work in ksa ) ??


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