Where to live in HCMC?

Hi all,

I am looking at accomodations ads on craigslit. I'll be working in D3 and was planning on looking for a place there. I see there are many ads in Binh Tahnh. Anyone can give me their opinion on this area?

At the moment, I'm living in D10 and I don't like it. I am looking for a pretty clean and safe district and also, I won't be riding a bike to go to work.

Thanks a lot for your advice regarding where to start searching.


Clean is not a word associated with Saigon. If you are working in D3 I would advise that you find a place there to save on travel.

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Hi Priscilla,

You can check the properties listed in our HCMC and Saigon housing sections.

All the central districts like Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, D3, Go Vap etc. have very Vietnamese neighborhoods which you may or may not find "safe and clean".

As Colin said, there's nothing called clean in Saigon unless, may be, you move to Thao Dien (D2) or PMH (D7) areas. They are too far from your workplace.

Ideally you should rent an appartment in one of those many new appartment blocks in any of those central districts, with all mordern amenities and 24/7 security.

Phu Nhuan could be a good choice. I like the area around Phan Xich Long street, just across the river.
Binh Thanh has high-rises like Saigon Pearl etc.

You can use Grab or Uber motorbike service to commute from home to workplace.
Otherwise, look for an accommodation in D3 close to your workplace.... within walking distance.

Here's another site for you. www.batdongsan.com.vn

All the best!

Thank you guys for your help!

Hi Priscilla,
I would recommend living in D3, D1 or Binh Thanh as they are close to the CBD and are generally safer and cleaner. There should be several serviced apartments available if you need a short term stay.

HI Priscillia59

I just moved to HCMC last month and am currently living in Binh Tanh District. The district itself is pretty safe and clean and is relatively near to the CBD area (which is also close to D3 I believe)

Thank you guys for your advice. I just found a place in D3. 😀

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Hello everyone,

Priscillia59 :

Thank you guys for your advice. I just found a place in D3. 😀

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All the best,

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