How to leave the country with expired iqama

My iqama is expired 3 months back and my Kafeel is not renewing so. How can i leave this country? I don't mind whether it is final exit or or....just want to leave. Even I can buy the ticket...
Please advice...
Thank you.

Get in touch with the Embassy for giving you the emergency travel document !!

Thank you sir for your opinion. Van i get back my passport?

Contact Indian Embassy at Twitter for quick answers

You cannot leave without an exit visa and to get an exit visa, your Iqama and passport MUST have a minimum of 3 months validity. I understand there is an amnesty in place. You can approach your Embassy for assistance. Please note, the Embassy can only assist IF you have no claims placed against you in any government agency by your sponsor.

All the best!

Thank you very much guys for the advises concerning my problem. I'm staying in such a place where no grocery shops and no drinking water...everyday I used to go 2kms by feet for drinking water and for my daily food. I don't know how i reach our embassy for assistance! I am thinking to call police.
On the other hand, my expired iqama and visa is a heavy driver but i am working as a welder, painter and mechanical helper.
Hmmm.....I dont know what is going to happen with me....


Thats the twitter handle for her Excellency Madam Sushma Swaraj ... send her a tweet and hopefully she can get you the assistance you need.

Alternatively,  get in touch with the Indian Embassy helplines ..

Telephone Numbers    00-966-11-4884144/4884691/4884692
24-hr Help-Line Numbers    00-966-11-4884697 800 247 1234 (Toll Free Number)
Tel Nos. for Labour issues    00-966-11-4884144 Ext. 280 & 4816348

Good luck and May Allah help you!

Thank you very much....its a great help for me.

Check your message !!

I'm in dammam

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