Company gone bust.

Morning, the company I work for has serious financial issues customers know this so they don't come to us, so with there current financial state and no work it's safe to say it will close within the next few weeks. What I want to know is where do I stand with my contract and how do I get a new job when I still have 8 months remaining on my contract? I'm here on a work visa and have no Saudi iqama which I have been told means my contract don't matter and they can just get rid of Me? Any information on any of these issues would be a great help and much appreciated.
Thanks Jim.

If your company does not have work they will terminate you with a notice period mentioned in your contract.

Can you please explain what you mean by work visa? Is it a temporary or permanent work visa? Did you sign an employment contract here in Saudi or in your home country? Do you have a copy of the contract?

Hi I have a work visa issued by Saudi but no iqama. I have a contract but am still in probation period received a letter today saying they are ending my employment on the 8th. Thanks for replys guys.

In probation period company and you both have right to leave each other.
They can fire you or you can leave them who ever dont like.

Yeah they have let me go cause there in trouble and am still in probation.
Thanks for your reply.

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