Transferring car from Saudi Arabia (Dammam) to Oman (Muscat)

Hello friends,

I need help on getting information regarding transferring the car from Saudi Arabia to Oman. My job has been transferred to Muscat and i wish to take my car along because its just 4 years old and almost brand new. I would like if someone who has experienced taking car by road can help to provide the following information:

1) what is the procedure in Saudi for taking the permission to take the car;
2) what is the estimated cost for that;
3) i would drive the car myself and i understand that the only route is through UAE; to pass through UAE what are the requirements we need to make sure before entering; how long we can stay in UAE and what is the cost at UAE border;
4) At Oman border, what are the custom requirements, cost, documentation, time etc and what is the procedure at border;
5) once in muscat, what is the procedure to get the registration.

Please include if you know what are the minimum requirements that the car should meet in order to get into Muscat.

Appreciating your support and soonest feedback.


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