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Am Abdessamad from Morocco, Engineer in network and telecommunications , actually i recieved job offer in multinational company in karlusrhe near Stuttgart , I would like to know the procedure and documents to prepare my visa for me and my family my wife and daughter , knowing that the company propose to me 55k basic salary, and I want to know if there is any possibilities to go with my family in one time., last question is that I don't know any thing in Deutsch language will this cause for me any difficulties.
Thank you

Hi Abdessamad,

Congratulations for your job offer!
Karlsruhe is a nice city, although not near Stuttgart: It's approx. 100km away, an hour's drive if there is no traffic - but the route is often clogged and I needed 2.5 hours once before!.
You need to apply for a work permit for yourself, and a family reunion visa for your family members. Please contact the German embassy in your country for requirements and formalities. The visa processing time can be several months.
While I assume your employer knows your lack of German language skills and will arrange for possibilities to perform your duties without, you will face difficulties in daily and social life. You should definitely take German lessons, to fit better into the society and neighbourhood, as should your wife. The kids will learn it quickly in school or kindergarten - if you allow them to join a normal German one.

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