Moving Logistics from US to Mauritius

Has anyone on this forum moved from the US to Mauritius? We are considering a move next year and wondering on moving logistics and how you guys did it. Did you move your houses or only bare minimums?

Quotes for moving are very high - apparently due to the fact that the port in Mauritius is not very deep. So they cannot ship directly from the bigger ships leaving the US.


I don't think the expensive freight has anything to do with port. Mauritius now has a new container terminal that can accommodate some of the biggest post-panamax container ships.
The thing is that it has always been very expensive to ship anything, ether through air or sea freight, from the US to Mauritius. If the freight is calculated with respect to weight, it gets even worse.
It's all about finding the right freight forwarding operator with the most competitive rates depending on services.

it's recommended to only bring the bare minimums and other indispensable items.
While you are granted allowances on certain household and personal good, you may be slapped with custom duties on other items which will make them even more expensive than buying one here. … allowances
Most consumer electric goods are not necessary as well due to different specifications and power and voltage differentials between Mauritius and the US.
There are possibilities of some items being classified under prohibited or Restricted Goods and you won't be able to clear them through customs.

Hope this helps a bit. For any other query, feel free to ask.

Thanks Winston! Appreciate the response.

I was looking at the Returning Mauritian Scheme and schema which does give good customs benefits to returning Mauritians, but with quotes as much as 14kUSD from Austin for a container, we'd probably sell our things here and get them in Mauritius.

Do you know of any good freight forwarding companies that you can recommend?

I would recommend Cargotech

They also provide custom clearance services.

am working i the port and what i can tell you is that when you will be moving here you will have 6month to buy a duty free car but you should be residing for more than 10yrs abroad , for your household apps , believe me you can have them brand new here compare to what you will be paying as FOB etc. here you can have what you want, to start if you have your house , you can renovate or rent a fully furnished house and then plan your set up, when i get back from Europe i came with the bare minimum but yah , had my house here but refurbished it.

this will save you money and time.

this is my op.

hope it helps you.


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