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I have just been offered a position in Oslo and would be living there for three years with my wife and three daughters.  I am not worried too much in the cost of living as I make a good wage and my company is paying for housing, car and children's school.  I was wondering where would be a good place to live in or around Oslo and near an international school for my primary school-aged daughters.  I would be working at the airport but would really like to live in Oslo and understanding the commute may be arduous. 

Thank you for your input.


There is a good direct normal train  (not the airport train) from gardenmoen to oslo city which takes approx 30 min.  But the monthly ruter ticket will cost 1800kr!

As for places to live in Oslo, it all depends on your budget.  Oslo is getting so expensive.  People are living where they can afford to live really.

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