Moving to Denmark

Hi my name's Colin I'm 25 and currently living in Ireland and I'm considering moving to Denmark with my wife and soon to be 2 children I was just wondering is work hard to find in Denmark as I'd have to move over first and secure work and a place to live for my family and if anybody has information on schools that would be brilliant thanks in advance

If it is difficult to find a job or not is a question of your profession. Some professions are highly sought after, and it will be possible to find a job without speaking Danish. You can see which professions here:

If we leave cleaning jobs, paper delivery jobs and such odd jobs out of account, it will be difficult to find a job if you don't speak Danish.

To get an impression of the possibilities make a google search in English, e.g. use the search engines' Danish homesite to get the right hits.

As a newcomer, it will be difficult to find housings at reasonable prices, especially in the Copenhagen area where you shall expect a monthly rent not less that 9,000 kroner, probably more. Only sublets are rented out furnished. There are many house portals on the Internet, but only a few is also in English why I have chosen this one as an example:

There are only a few international schools, but the state schools are free and offer English from the first classes. However, don't expect a high level.

Above is meant as a brief information, but you are welcome again.


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