Work permit/work visa for Bosnian citizens

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get information regarding work in Amman,Jordan. Unfortunnaly embassy which is incharge for citiziens from Bosnia told me that they are incharge only for touristic visas and that I need contact company in Jordan( who would be my employee,and that is impossible at this moment).

Does anybody have experience regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Your embassy is right, only your future employer can issue your workpermit.
Why is it impossible to contact your future employer  :unsure

Primadona thanks on respond.

The issue is that our company in this case would be sub-contractor and the main contractor would be from Turkey and the final client is Jordan company(I hope that I menage to explain it).

Can you please tell me does we, even in this structure of business, need to  get work permit from Jordan company?

Also,can you please explain to me procedure of obtaing work visa,we can enter in the country as tourist and when we are in country we can work on getting work permit?

Thanks in advance!

In which company you're going to work?
The Jordanian one? Or at the current one which is also the  sub contractor?
I have to be honest as I don't know but it's to your HR department to find out.
Contact otherwise the ministry of foreign affairs in Amman.

Normally its the company who wants to hire foreign employees is responsible to apply for the work permit.

We are just going to have project in Jordan(we have full respossible to our workers-we are  going to pay them salary,health insurance,accomoodation,food and everything else what is necessary).

Jordan company doesn't have any obligations to our workers.

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