Request advice - Applying for dependent Visa for my wife n kid

Request advise applying for dependent Visa for my wife n Daughter.

I am an Indian working here in the Philippines as an Expat. On my next visit, I wish to bring my wife n child.

I am not having my Marriage Registered in India yet which may take more time as we married 7 yrs ago as I checked it will take 1 to 2 months to get it registered due to long marriage gap.

My name is mentioned on my wife passport. Will it suffice the formality, if not how do I get a dependent Visa for my wife?

or as I read on the internet if the wife has spouse name mentioned on the passport then we can apply for Certified True copy of marriage certificate at Indian embassy...but not sure if that process is true for Indian Embassy in the Philippines too. Can anyone confirm pls?

For my child, I have Birth Certificate with my name mentioned so I don't see that as an issue.

Can anyone guide for wife dependent visa?

Or is it ok to bring wife n kid on a tourist visa for 6 months by keep renewing their tourist visas without any issue?

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