Town or village outside Bordeaux

We are retired and will be moving from Florence, Italy to Bordeaux, France in the new year. We want to buy a house and settle down.

We are looking for town or village outside of Bordeaux that is not inside the city, but reachable by public transpiration. We are looking for a place where the houses have enough land for a garden and there are services (bars and shopping) locally, but where you can take public transportation into the city center.

Currently, we live in a town (15,000 people) outside Florence where we can do that, and we have a 30 minute bus trip into the center.

Does something like this exist outside Bordeaux?


I will advise "L'Entre deux mers" ,a very nice region with lots of beautiful Villages. Houses are also not very expressive compared to other places.
Bouna fortuna con la vostra ricerca! :-)

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