what to do next?


I'm from India, my fiancé from utrcht , we love each other last 4 years, she came to India more times already. But this time we married in India. We got Indian marriage certificate. And she goes to Utrecht again. We want to live together in netherland. We don't know what to do next and Where to start. Which is easy way..


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The first thing to do I think is to look at the IND's website and see if you guys fit all the requirements to apply for the MVV (long stay visa in the Netherlands).
Use this link:


Then after this, prepare for the basic civic integration exam. You will need this in order to apply for the MVV. After the results have been delivered to you and you have all your documents ready for submission, then you shall start the MVV process.

All the necessary Info you need can be found in the link. :) Good luck

Thanks for your help, now I'm in India so where and how to prepare to MVV and where to apply?

Is it possible to prepare and apply exam after I came to Netherland ? Or I must pass the exam in India?

This link has all information you need with regards to the application.


You will have to take the test first before applying, because the test is one of the major requirements if you want to live in the Netherlands.

You also have two options, it's either you apply to the Dutch embassy in India or your partner submits the application to IND in the Netherlands. ( Your partner lives in the Netherlands right?)

Please refer to the link above.

Yes, she is,

Thanks for your reply.. I will find out on that link.. Thanks for the help :)

hi, thanks for your help! i need a permanent contract ? or is a 6 months contract also sufficient? i would like to receive the info

Hello valleb,
As far as I know you must have a valid 1 year contract at the time of the application. :)

thanks:) but a year contract and before a 6 months contract i think they will also accept right:)?

I am afraid that no. One of the requirements is atleast a 1 year contract at the time of the application. The link above states all the details.

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