Building house in Da Lat

Hi everyone, I have a plan to build houses in Da Lat. I want to build them near the lake and little far away from the city. The houses will be built as American architecture, wide house, not too tall, carpet on floor, just exactly same as the houses in Northern US. The reason I want to build house near lake is rich people will want to have a nice view, new style of house, American life style, maybe buy a boat and hang out with family. After that I plan to build the community that is like American life there. Da Lat has great weather, same as north us, so I think it's good idea to build mini USA there. Please give me some advice for my plan :) thank you

OMG now I have heard it all. First you will need to get in very good with someone in Hanoi. All the property around the lake is controlled by them. Yes, the wealthy will flock to your paradise of the West......dream on. Don't feel bad, so many want to import the West to Vietnam and every other country that should want to be like America. But there usually are very good reasons that it does not play well here. Perhaps you should go to Dalat and try to figure out how your going to build around the lake and stay FAR away from the city. The lake is the center of the city. Maybe you will have awoken from your dream before you read this. But the post did add a laugh to my early morning coffee.

Actually,, Yogi likes this idea.

Have you also considered building a NASCAR circuit around the lake. ?   You could build and rent out houseboats for the “ upper crust” spectators to watch the races from.

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