Looking for manufacturer address in shenzhen

Hi friend , looking a address in shenzhen . this address is Very important for me . Who can guide me?
I have a location but I do not have contact information (It's on Gongye Rd , shenzhen )
It is very important for me

Hum.  Maybe you can help me.  I am looking for a man in New York city.  He wears shoes. Is not too tall, but not short.  He sometimes wears a coat.  Can you help me?

There are hundreds of thousands of companies in Shenzhen.  TO give you an idea of what you are asking, please consider that NY city only has 4.6 million people.  While Shenzhen China is FOUR TIMES THAT number, at 13 million.

If this information is truly worth what you say, then you should be ready to put money down to find the information out. I would suggest you utilize and English speaking detective agency in HK.  They should be able to help you out within a week.

Google it.

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