What visa is needed for Mauritian marrying UK woman and live in UK

I am trying to work out what visa is required for a Mauritian man living in Mauritius to come to the UK next year to marry a UK woman in July and live in the UK for a few years before both moving to Mauritius. Do you apply for a marriage visa that allows 6 months stay then apply to extend the stay? Any advice gratefully received.

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Details about Visas and immigration can be found HERE

Thanks have read all these pages but it is confusing! Do you get a 6 month marriage visor then apply for a spuse visa before the 6 months are up? Keep reading about a fiance visa is this different to the marriage visa?

Immigration in the UK has been tightened up in recent years and if you pass that hurdle in getting the right Visa, in order for him to live in the UK, a salary of 18,500 GPB minimum a year is needed because he is a non EU citizen.

Thanks, I think I have worked it out now that he needs a Partner or Spouse visa so he can stay in the UK not the marriage tourist visa.

I do know it's a minefield. I have a few UK friends with Non-EU partners and it's cost them thousands of pounds to sort it out and still working on the red tape. :(

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