Salary of Doctor in Prince Sultan military medical city

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Anbody here working in Prince Sultan Military medical city? I want to know how much is the basic salary of a senior house officer in PSMMC?
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I worked in HR at PSMMC and there is no set basic salary for SHO it depends on what department you will work in, how much experience you have and what nationality you carry.
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Just a heads up, don't start working in the department till you sign all documents and contracts and get an official OK from the HR department. Several directors of departments will tell you to start working right away and they will finish your papers with HR later and you will get back pay, this is NOT the case. There would be no back pay so always go based off of HR instructions only and the official HR contract details. It doesn't matter how much of an offer the director of the department gives you, if its not on the HR contract then it won't be what you are receiving.

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