Swiss expat in China - Health Insurance in Switzerland

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I moved with my family from Switzerland to China in May this year as an Expat cancelling my Swiss health insurance due to the lack of a social security treaty between Switzerland and China. My company is paying for an international health insurance that covers everything. On June 19 the social security treaty was finally invoked by both countries, leaving me the possibility to get back into the Swiss social security system.

Recently I have learned that I also need a local health insurance in Switzerland (our company's advisor did not make me aware before). Hence I have called Assura where I was insured before. They made an offer which is twice as expensive as what I have paid before leaving Switzerland which I find unpleasant given that I will never use the insurance and just keeping it to get back to the AHV. The reason is that they do not offer the usual Telemed offer etc and I have to take the most expensive tariff (yearly fee would be around 10.000CHF in total for myself, wife and 3 year old daughter).

Did you make similar experiences? Can you recommend a Swiss health insurance that has a better offer for Expats in China? In the end I will not use the insurance as I am fully covered already, hence it is only a formality. I have also read that there might be even a possibility to get release to the health insurance - but when I understand it correctly that would only be possible after two years.

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