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Hi, Have lived here in Saigon for two and a half years and only just found out about expat.com  Had Expat TV until it folded and disappeared from screens in May. Now starting to get a bit tired of BBC World news and CNN !
Does anyone know if another platform has risen from the ashes. Is British Tv still not available?
Hope someone might be able to help.


This is very good and you can tailor make your package to what you want ie sports, movies.

watch.ustvnow.com. They have a free portion where you get the major networks or a paid version that cost I believe $29 a month. With the paid you are also able to record all the programs you want to view later. With the time difference that is a nice feature.

really appreciate your reply. Will seriously consider this as looks like it will give me what I am looking for

Try this http://tvcatchup.com/

It is pretty darn good. Works best with fiber optic internet. Has all the sports all year. WorlnSeries is on now. Many movies. If you have problems they have a 24/7 help desk. They respond quickly. No doubt there are problems at times. But with are undersea cable problems not sure who to blame. Most of the time I just ask them to switch me to a different server and the problem is fixed. Good luck and enjoy. Oh, does not work if you have your VPN engaged. Their charter is to serve Snerican serviceman and expats around the world so can not serve and IP address in America

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