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I'm a new user on and first at all I'd love to say thank you all for such as great website! Very, very helpful.

I'm a Spanish journalist who is currently working on a PR international agency in Madrid. Mi idea is to move to Beijing in the upcoming months and that's why I'm trying to find a job who helps me to get the Z Visa.

Any idea of how I can get a marketing or communication job in a company based in Beijing? Is there any website or group focused in this sector? Any advice or recommendation that I should consider?

Please, I need your help!

Muchas gracias! ;)


Are you interested to work in Malaysia?

Some questions to help you out...

Why Beijing? 

Does the job need to be in your field?

To obtain a Z-visa you must provide some benefit that a native Chinese cannot provide.  Can you?

How is your Chinese?

Have you ever written anything bad about China in the past?

Please think long and hard about what you want to do, and what you are willing to sacrifice. There is a long-established Spanish expat community in Shekou in Shenzhen.  I suggest you connect with some of the individuals there and ask for their help and advice.  Good luck.

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