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I moved to Uruguay because of my boyfriend. We had a long distance relationship for more than a year and then we decided i was moving to Uruguay. I was a psychology student in Mar del Plata, Argentina and i thought that it would be easy for me to continue my studies in Uruguay. Guess what? It was not. Then i tried for many months to find a job  . I found one as a waitress in a cafe bistro. It was the worst job i've ever had (i've been working since i was 15 years old). People were so mean, and there wasn't any team spirit among us. i quit after 8 months suffering everyday that i worked there. It was not easy at all to stop working, specially because it's hard for me to get another job.
I'ts been almost a year since i've got here, and i don't really have a friend from Uruguay, maybe because i don't have where to find it, because i'm not studying, i'm not working, and i'm not having a social life.
My friends from Mar del Plata, are too busy and i dont really want to talk about my pessimist life right now. When it comes to the most common question "how are you" i don't feel like they are going to understand me. Maybe they would think that i should return to my country, and for me that is not the solution.

I really want it to share it with someone. Maybe you guys, had a bad punch in the face, like me, when you moved to another country.

Can you give me an advice about how i should meet people?

Have you ever felt lonely with your thoughts?

I hope that everything is going good for you guys

Saludos Pía

PS: sorry for my bad english.

Hello Pia,
GO out to have social life.You know it will just make you feel stress if you just stay on the four corners of your room.I am living abroad too and at first its not easy esp.that its not English speaking country but you have to be flexible, you've come that far so I'm sure you will make it..Try also to make your self busy, find another job and you can also do online study:)


Challenges should be faced with a positiveness. We must try to figure out some thing positive form this sort of situations. You need to be a self motivator first. Start giving positive suggestions to your self things will start changing around you.

Kaby is right, I've been in similar situations myself a couple of times, and I've always only managed to get out of it because I decided that that was it, I wasn't going to feel miserable anymore, I was sick and tired of my sorry self, and I could feel that my friends were running out of encouraging things to say to me, so I decided to start acting happy.
Isn't there a famous saying for that, after all? "Fake it 'till you make it."
Try your damnest to convince everyone you're happy and enjoying yourself until you've fooled yourself/until you're actually happy. Start looking at things from a different perspective, count each and every thing that's right in your life, and do it every single time you feel your smile dropping.
A little help? 0.5: You're alive and healthy enough to worry about your work atmosphere! 1: You're finally with your boyfriend! 2: You actually managed to go live abroad! 3: You have food every day 4: You're young 5: Don't you look good today? 6: Several people actually answered your call, and you received several nice messages on this forum! 7: You're gonna spend a better day thanks to all these positive thoughts, and that's also going to make tomorrow better! etc etc ;)
Anything and everything can count if you even remotely think it might. Absolutely nothing is a given, it's all blessings :)

This what you have to do, find something to keep you busy, take walks, exercise and travel and see new things because even friends cant be made in your room.
Secondly try to mix up with people and try being in places where they be and gradually you will catch up.
Finally I know almost a year is some thing really to long in a situation like that so if all fails you will have to start considering some of the complex decisions because staying that way for long might result in far reaching consequences especially health related. I am sure it wasn't a simple decision you made to move but u did in search for happiness but instead you are geting the opposite so I am saying, you have already sacrificed a lot for sure try and make sure to change things but if you fail dont stupidily sacrifice yourself. You will realise my answer is different from other because I am perhaps the only one going through exactly a very similar situation.
The only difference could be the period it has taken you to realize but also that could because of love and the honey moon you have been in. Practically I am about to finish my second month but my medical bills in the one and a half months I have been here are are almost double my entire life's yet this is not the first time I have travelled. But the good thing is that I am only here up to December.

Join a gym. This is a great way to meet healthy, active people your age. Don't give up looking for another job. Go out and be in nature as much as possible. Take online classes offered by the school where you studied in Argentina or another school in Argentina that offers online classes. Get a dog (if possible). Dogs are happiness and love and walking with a dog is also a great way to meet people. And yes, fake it till you make it.

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