Will the work visa be received eventually?


I signed a offer with a renown company in oman in June 2017 and couriered all necessary documents as requested. I was eventually told that the delay is due to omanisation and that the company has not met it's percentage in employing locals and that once the quota is settled, i will be granted my visa. (Expected to receive visa in December)

Apparently the delay with regard to work visa is experienced by many fellow members in the forum, as i have read all related articles and questions posted and also gathered info with this regard through other sources.

My question is, did any of you ultimately  receive your employment visa irrespective of the long wait? or are you'll still playing the waiting game?

Please be kind enough to share your experience

Thank you
Abu AZ

Hi AbuAZ_1995,

I will give you a general perspective on this rather stressful 'waiting-for-the-labour-clearance-employment-visa' issue.

Many expatriates wait with a lot of anticipation and excitement of going to a new country to start a new inning in their careers. Many do make it. But for some, the process is fraught with a series of uncertainties. And it is no fault of theirs.

Because of many concerns such as 'Omanisation', 'labour clearance', et al, the process of getting the employment visa issued could get delayed. Sometimes by weeks, sometimes by months, and sometimes even by years.

The longer it takes, the colder it gets. The priorities of the employer, as well as the expectant employee wanes. Oftentimes, once the required labour clearance is obtained, if the delay has been quite long, the employer might start shopping for new candidates. In the hope of finding a better candidate, perhaps for a lesser CTC than the one selected, since there is no commitment or anything binding between the employer and the prospective employee until then.

Likewise, if the delay extends beyond a reasonable amount of time, the employee too would take up some other offer elsewhere, rather than wait indefinitely for something that is forever in the coming.

What is of utmost importance here is that the employee must not resign from the job he / she is holding currently, hoping for the uncertain employment visa to be received soon.

Dear Mr Sumitran

Thank you for your prompt reply with this regard.

I was directly recruited by the company and I keep in touch with the top management. The job vacancy is still there and I'm the only one shortlisted for the role and I'm expected to do the accounts with respect to taxation. ( VAT which is applicable from 2018)

I'm currently unemployed as I have completed my 2 year auditing internship with one of the top four audit firms.

The reason as to why I'm reluctant in joining a local work place is due to the minimum contract period of 2 years and also turned down a few overseas opportunities due to already accepting the offer in Oman since it would be unethical to work elsewhere.

Since I was told that the company is almost at the omanisation limit, I will be expected to join by Dec to perform the accounts eventhough a exact date is not confirmed.

So I'm apparently engaged in my final year examinations and hope to receive the visa by December and if worst come to worst if I don't receive it, Will consider employment elsewhere.

Any advice or information is most welcome with this regard

Thank you
Best Regards
Abu AZ

Hi AbuAZ_1995,

Not just you, but the entire mankind lives on hope ... hope for something that is better than what is there now.

So there is absolutely nothing wrong in waiting for that something better to come by, as much and as long as you can.

Thank you Mr sumitran

Your indeed a great person. Really appreciate your words and advice. May the almighty bless you And your family for all the help you have done not only to me but to all the members in the forum.

Wish you all the very best. Insha allah if I'm to come to oman, hope to meet you one day.

Wishing you all the very best
Best regards
Abu AZ

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