Relocating to DR from US

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I am working on moving to Las Terrenas from California and have several questions. I am a multilingual attorney and taught English during Summer 2016 at PUCMM in Santiago. I am also the International Educational Liaison for a community college district in the San Francisco Bay Area. This means I do outreach and recruitment for students wishing to attend college in the US.

Here are my questions: First, I need to build relationships with government officials, executives at financial institutions and school administrators to create a pipeline to support Dominican students who seek support and guidance in preparing to study abroad. What are recommendations for doing this effectively? I have already been on one college tour to many of the top schools in cities around the country.

Next, I would like to teach online classes for students in the DR and elsewhere in a variety of subjects like English, law and business. I am TESOL certified. Are there any suggestions as to how to do this and whether it is a viable option for additional income?

Finally, any other ideas or advice about moving to LT with a child (7) are welcome. I have been to LT twice and love it. Hoping to make the move by Summer 2018 but need to solidify income as my work is currently contract-based. Thank you for your help!


First welcome to the forum
I am not sure how I can help you in you quests but they certainly do sound interesting. Other than contacting the schools directly (Universities and private schools as they tend to have more motivated students.)
Good luck

Bob K

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